This involves conveying a written text into the desired language, making sure the translation is in the same format as the original.

Translation pricing

Our base rate for translation is €0.08/word (for a general translation in Word format), and the price for translation can increase based on two things: level of technicality of the document and format. Our prices range from €0.08/word to €0.12/word for translation. Ask for a quote! It takes 1 minute, is free, with no strings attached, and we usually get back to you within an hour or two.

Consider the two following sentences (imagine they’re in Spanish or Catalan):

#1: Fred never thought that Mary would make it this far. She didn’t show much promise in her youth.
#2: This corresponds to a mixture of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, polyethylene glycol, and polysorbate 80.
Sentence 1 constitutes a general translation and thus can be translated quickly without having to do any research. This would be €0.08/word. Sentence 2 is from a technical translation and as you can see, would require research, double-checking of correct terminology, spelling, and if you can’t find anything on a particular word, you might even have to ask an expert. One sentence like this can take 5-10 minutes or more instead of 30 seconds for a sentence of similar length from a general translation, so naturally, technical translations are more expensive. It also came from a PDF file. This would be €0.12/word, our highest rate.

As for format, have you ever tried to convert a PDF into a Word? Do you remember how not everything stays as it should? Sometimes we even have to recreate the PDF format from scratch. This takes time and is usually quite painstaking, and that’s why Word documents have the base rate, while PDFs and other non-editable types of files generally make the translation more expensive.