Sectors & Specialities

Business/Finance/Public Sector

Business / Finance / Public Sector

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Hotel Management, then 7 years in various roles in the business and finance world, this sector was my first career. In the end I decided it wasn’t for me, as I wanted a different kind of challenge, but the expertise I developed from my first-hand experience is one of my greatest assets.
Handbooks ● Presentations ● Business Correspondence (Emails, Memos) ● Meeting Minutes ● Reports ● Due Diligence Documents ● Legal Contracts ● Privacy Policies/Legal Notices/Cookies Policies ● Data Protection Protocols ● Insurance Policies ● Intellectual Property Agreements ● Real Estate Property Deeds ● Confidentiality Agreements ● Press Releases ● Invoices ● News Articles ● Open Calls/Calls for Tender ● Proposals ● Webinars and Online Meetings ● Training ● Financial Statements ● Incorporation Documents ● Licenses ● e-Commerce and Cryptocurrency

Science / Medicine

Scientifically-minded by nature and currently pursuing a degree in Biomedicine, I have a solid understanding of the concepts in these fields. I also have a background in Veterinary Medicine. The health sciences are my passion and this is my favorite kind of work, because I truly enjoy learning and doing the research involved in every translation.
Journal Publications ● Technical Sheets ● Pharmaceutical Regulations and Validation Protocols ● Science Communication Content ● Articles on Medical Breakthroughs ● Medical Reports and Certificates ● Master’s and Doctoral Thesis ● Medical Information for Patients ● Medical Books ● Scientific Articles ● Patient Discharge Reports ● Medical Device Pamphlets, Handbooks, and Technical Manuals ● Patent Claims ● Webinars ● Clinical Trials ● Pharmacovigilance ● Grant Proposals ● Application Letters
Marketing/ Transcreation

Marketing / Public Relations

My background in the business world gave me knowledge of marketing, customer psychology, and how to deal with people in every kind of situation. I understand what makes people tick and I am an expert at targeting my writing for the intended audience. This skill is critical in every kind of translation, but it’s especially important in creative work such as transcreation.
Product Descriptions ● Testimonials ● Focus Group Materials ● Marketing Presentations/Pitches ● Interviews ● Dossiers ● Restaurant Menus ● Blog Posts ● Advertising Campaigns ● Web Content ● Market Research ● Transcreation ● Copywriting ● Promotional Materials ● Social Media Posts
Marketing/Public Relations
Many more!

A Little Bit of Everything

Even though the above areas are my specialties, I do all kinds of translations. From nuclear power plant specifications to art expositions to scripts for kids’ shows, I enjoy taking on projects in every imaginable field. The thing I love most about being a translator is that I learn something new every day. Let me use my passion to convey your ideas, no matter the field.

S0me other commonly translated documents include:

Academic Transcripts/Certificates ● Course Syllabi ● Course Programs and Materials ● Website and App Content ● Police Reports ● Software Strings ● Scripts for Movies and TV Shows ● Catalogs ● Documentaries ● Civil Registry Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Civil Unions)