Certified / Sworn Translations

The difference between a certified and sworn translation is essentially the country in which it will be used.

Certified translations are required in the USA and UK. Many government agencies, professional associations, and educational institutions require the person certifying the translation to be ATA-certified translators.


Sworn translations are required pretty much everywhere else, including the European Union. This must be done by a sworn translator (traductor/a jurado/a).

Certified translation pricing

I am an ATA-certified translator and can provide official translations for the U.S. and U.K. Our rate for certified translation is as follows: €0.08 to €0.12 per word, depending on the subject matter and format (see our Translation page for an explanation), plus the following standard fees:

Certification letter and stamps €30

Optional: Notary fee €25

Courier or postage expenses, if a physical copy is needed.

Sworn translation pricing

We have an agreement with a sworn translator in which we perform the translation and they review it and affix their stamps. The result is a win-win-win situation: we get to offer this service, the sworn translator has some extra income, and the client gets a sworn translation at below market prices.

Our prices for sworn translations are based on the base translation price (€0.08-€0.12 per word) plus €0.04/word for the sworn translator.

Feel free to ask for a quote. We are HIPAA compliant and every document remains confidential, whether we end up doing the translation or not.