This consists of conveying spoken words in a video or audio file using short texts at the bottom of the screen that can be easily and quickly read.

Subtitling/transcription pricing

We charge between €7 and €10 per audio/video minute for subtitling from Spanish/Catalan to English. We charge between €5 and €8 per minute for same-language subtitling (English audio, English subtitles). This includes the time codes (an .SRT file). If you don’t need time codes, that is called transcription, and prices range from €5 to €8 per audio/video minute.

Subtitling is an art. Why?

1. You have to perfectly understand all of the nuances of the source language, including slang and sounds that carry meaning. Sometimes it’s hard to make out what certain people are saying and sometimes background noise or audio quality also make the job harder.

2. You have to know the equivalent of these things in your target language.

3. Many times, there is not enough time to put an entire sentence on the screen, because most subtitle users can’t read that fast. So, you have to succinctly capture the idea, putting it in less words without losing any meaning.

4. It must be time coded and synced perfectly with the video. This is a painstaking process.