This is sometimes wrongly called “translation”. However, interpretation, unlike translation, works with the spoken word. It’s used to convey real-time spoken language into the spoken target language. This is most common at conferences, meetings, medical visits, and similar events. There are different kinds of interpretation:

Simultaneous interpreting: This is what most people think of when they think of interpreting: U.N.-style, with interpreters in booths, listening to a speaker on the floor, as they simultaneously convey this orator’s message to audience members wearing headsets. It can also be done online, listening to one audio stream and simultaneously interpreting it to a targeted audience. You must be exceptionally quick-minded and accurate to do this- very few linguists are actually capable of it. There should always be two interpreters, who will take turns interpreting. This form is common at conferences with speakers and other similar situations with someone giving a presentation.

Consecutive interpreting: Sometimes called the noblest form of interpreting. The interpreter becomes the speaker, translating things in chunks from the original speaker. This is common at presentations and conferences where only one target language is needed.

Liaison interpreting: This is when the interpreter travels around a site or from site to site with a client or group of clients, interpreting to and from both languages. This form of interpreting is common for audits, inspections, trainings, and sales visits.

Chuchotage interpreting: “Whispering interpreting”: This is when only one client is in need of the service and renting equipment is not desired. The interpreter sits next to the client and, as the name implies, whispers the interpretation to the client.

 Half day (4 hours)Full day (8 hours)Extra hour

Hourly pricing is available for local interpretations, minimum rate is €200. The prices in the table do not include flights, hotels, meals, and other travel expenses for non-local interpretations. Please request a quote for your particular event.